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Secretary & Treasurer

The Secretary and Treasurer is the Board member responsible for overseeing the financial position of the Journal and arranges the regular functioning of the Board.

Tasks include:

  • Take minutes from all the meetings of the Editorial Board
  • Organise and inform the Board members of the location of each meeting
  • Work with University of Groningen Press to upload articles
  • Keep the Journal; s internal documents up-to-date
  • Look for funding opportunities and keep track of the budget

External Liaison

The External Liaison is the Board member responsible for all external communication between the Journal and authors.

Tasks include:

  • Responding to emails
  • Informing other Board members on submissions
  • Maintaining correspondence with authors and ensuring timely submission of material

Deputy President and Editor-in-Chief

The President and Editor-in-Chief is not only the President of the Board but also of the entire organisation. The Journal is currently looking for a person to serve as Deputy to this position and who will be mentored to assume the full role of President and Editor-in-Chief in February 2019. Potential applicants are expected to remain committed until at least the end of 2019.

Tasks include:

  • Keeping tabs on all operations of the Journal, including the blog and events and contributing or giving guidance where necessary
  • Preside Board meetings and ensure smooth operations of the organisation
  • Ultimate operational and editorial responsibility for publication activities of the Journal

Board positions generally require approximately 10 hours of work every week (including weekly Board meetings). This may vary depending on the specific position during certain periods (publication time, events, etc.).


GroJIL Ambassadors

The GroJIL Ambassadors are tasked with maintaining and improving the public image of the Journal. While the Ambassadors must regularly report on their initiatives and planned activities to the Promotional Director on the Editorial Board they enjoy a relatively large degree of freedom in their work and the responsibilities commensurate with this freedom. Physical presence in Groningen is preferred but not required for this position.

Tasks include:

  • Promote the GroJIL with original (social media) content
  • Conceive and organise academic events
  • Participate in fundraising activities

The PR Committee meets on a regular basis with spikes in activity in the run up to an event etc.


Copy Editors and Language Editors (Biannual issues)

The Copy and Language Editors form the Editing Committee and are responsible for checking the grammar, spelling and style of the articles. Furthermore, they ensure that footnotes and general formatting of each article correspond to the GroJIL’s house style. Physical presence in Groningen is preferred but not required for Copy and Language editors.

The Editing Committee collectively edits accepted articles for the current issue during at least one weekend each semester.


Ready to join GroJIL?

Are you convinced that, on the basis of the above, you are the person GroJIL is looking for?
To apply for a position, please email us your CV and a short paragraph on your motivation (150-250 words) for the position(s) you are applying for to by November 30th 2018.
If you have any questions regarding your application, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above address.