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GroJIL is looking to fill the following positions: 
Managing Editor, Language Editors, Copy Editors

The Managing Editor

The Managing Editor is responsible for:

  • Supervising the day-to-day operation of editing and reports to Publishing Director
  • Managing the editing process and checks the editing by editors.
  • Editing remaining matters that might be overseen by Editors.
  • Proofreading after editing.

Copy Editors

Copy Editors are responsible for:

  • Working on layout, especially footnotes
  • Sub-editing text written by a number of authors to ensure consistent house style.
  • Producing or working to a style checklist to ensure consistency in hyphenation, capitalisation, formatting of references, etc…

Language Editors

Language Editors are responsible for:

  • Editing, proofreading or reviewing translated/edited work.
  • Ensuring the accuracy and quality of an author’s written materials, in terms of  grammar, flow of sentences and spelling
  • Knowledge or experience with OSCOLA referencing 

The Publishing Director

The Publishing Director is responsible for:

  • Conducting the final review of formatting, referencing and overall readiness of each article for publication. 
  • Working with the Editor in Chief/ President in matters of the actual publication of the issue, the theme of each issue, and choosing suitable articles to be published, among other things. 
  • Overseeing the entire editing process and ‘editing weekend’ by communicating with the Managing Editor. 
  • Writing a summary of each article to be published for the Editor in Chief’s Letter

The Executive Blog Editor

The Executive Blog Editor is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the review of submissions among the blog editors;
  • Soliciting submissions on current topics from international law scholars and practitioners;
  • Making the final decision on blog post publications.

The Promotional Director

The Promotional Director is responsible for:

  • Social media management (Facebook)
  • GroJIL event organisation and management
  • Widening GroJIL’s reach and public image

The External Liaison

The External Liaison is responsible for:

  • Maintains all correspondence with prospective/ confirmed authors throughout the submission process.
  • He/she is required to send reminders to authors mid-way during the writing process.
  • Regularly check the emails and issue timely responses.

Editorial Secretary/Treasurer

The Editorial Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Taking the minutes from meetings.
  • Maintaining constant contact with the Editorial Board on agreed deadlines.
  • Drawing up the budget, and supervising fiscal matters (receipts, expenditure, income).
  • Records all agreed deadlines for the purposes of overseeing that agreed tasks are expeditiously carried out.

Ready to join GroJIL?

Are you convinced that, on the basis of the above, you are the person GroJIL is looking for?
To apply for a position, please email us your CV and a short paragraph on your motivation (150-250 words) for the position(s) you are applying for to  If you have any questions regarding your application, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above address.