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Senior Editor

Senior Editors together with the Executive Editor form the Blog Committee. The Senior Editors largely bear the same responsibilities as the Executive Editor with few exceptions. All members of the blog committee enjoy a large degree of freedom in their work and the responsibilities commensurate with this freedom.

Tasks include:

  • Communication with outside parties
  • Soliciting of blog posts from academics worldwide
  • Communication with the academic staff of the international law department
  • Developing concepts for student written blog posts
  • Assisting in the writing of blog posts
  • Editing & publishing of blog posts
  • Representing the GroJIL and promoting the blog posts on social media
  • Moderating comments

The position of Senior Editor on the Blog Committee require approximately 10 hours of work every week on a continuous basis. Although the Committee may reduce its efforts during the exam period certain tasks need to be completed at all times. If proper video conferencing technology is available, senior editors are not required to be physically present in Groningen.


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