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Guidelines for Submission to International Law Under Construction

By GroJIL Blog Committee, International Law Under Construction |

Welcome to International Law Under Construction, the Blog set up by the Groningen Journal of International Law in conjunction with the International Law Department of the University of Groningen. The aim of the Blog is to provide a platform for scholars, experts and occasionally students of international law to present their views and engage in debate on current issues in the field.

This post sets out our rules for contribution to the Blog. Please read them carefully and take note before submitting. Continue reading

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International Law Under Construction

By Editorial Board, Groningen Journal of International Law |

The Groningen Journal of International Law (GroJIL) was founded in 2012 by students who set out to prove that the main purpose of research in international law should be its contribution to society and the rule of law. Much in line with this, albeit admittedly unrelated, the University of Groningen (RUG) chose ‘Sustainable Society’ as one of its main themes of research. Following the RUG’s general theme, the Department of International Law decided to build its research and teaching around the central idea of international law for sustainable societies.

In furtherance of the efforts to promote international law and its role in addressing societal issues of the present and the future GroJIL is proud to reveal its international law blog: ‘International Law Under Construction’. It is our newest initiative to fulfil the Journal’s mission to promote knowledge, innovation and development in international law. We aim to do so by exploring the role of international law in the creation of sustainable societies.

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